Temporary Housing for Insurance Claims

Furnished, high-quality housing when you need it most

The Hotel Alternative for Your Temporary Home

If you’re dealing with property loss insurance claims due to fire, natural disaster, water damage, or other circumstances, Corporate Quarters can help. If you are looking for temporary, furnished housing in Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Lenoir City, Johnson City, Kingsport and Chattanooga, TN, look no further! Our thoughtfully curated residences offer a perfect blend of convenience and coziness, ensuring you can focus on taking care of what matters most. From fully equipped kitchens to plush furnishings, our accommodations are designed to make your stay not just convenient but also enjoyable. Whether you’re in the middle of a home remodel, or dealing with a burst pipe, Corporate Quarters has options to best meet your needs.

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Short-Term Housing for Insurance Displacements

In times of unforeseen events, such as natural disasters or accidents, families often find themselves displaced from their homes. Opting for short-term, furnished housing with Corporate Quarters offers a lifeline by providing a temporary and fully-equipped living space. We can also help coordinate the payment process with your insurance company.