Corporate Housing Knoxville

Do you really know all about corporate housing Knoxville? Perhaps you have not been aware there is such a thing as corporate housing. So, what does it mean? And why might you need it

The simple answer is that there are occasions when businessmen and women, as well as travelers, need somewhere to stay and do not want to stay in a hotel. In fact they may need something more affordable than a hotel. In a nutshell it is a furnished apartment-type dwelling that is rented out on a temporary basis. And it is much more cost effective than renting out a hotel room for a period of time

So, why corporate housing Knoxville? When you or your business associates or executives need to travel to and stay in Knoxville for a period of time, your and their best choice is corporate housing Knoxville.

And when you need corporate housing Knoxville, the only choice to make for a company to help you with that need is Corporate Quarters. We are experts in the East Tennessee area and have focused our business in this area. We have the experience, the expertise and the specialists to fill your needs for corporate housing Knoxville beyond your expectations. We are a woman owned business since 1994 and have focused our business and experience in this area to help people, such as you, acquire the corporate housing Knoxville that you desire. In fact we provide award-winning service. Our clients have had varied needs and circumstances and we have been providing accommodations for all of them, to meet and even exceed their expectations.

The size and type of corporate housing Knoxville that we offer is as varied as the clients we have helped. Furnished apartments from one bedroom to three bedrooms are available, as needed. And we are pleased to provide exceptional amenities. Knowing all this, a person would certainly never want to stay in a hotel again!

We know for certain you would prefer our corporate housing Knoxville to a hotel when you compare costs. Request a free quote and you will see what we mean. For 24+ years, we have the best furnished apartments in Knoxville Tennessee!

This is the best of all worlds: a place to stay while in Knoxville that provides all the comforts of home, and at a very affordable cost. In addition our team of specialists will make this the simplest and most efficient process you have ever completed.

We are excited to help you with the next step and each step thereafter. Call us, (800) 371-1594, or email us,