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Spring Time Fun! 
 04/13/2016 - Do you love beautiful things? Do you want to see East Tennessee in a whole new way? See all the beauty spring in Knoxville has to offer by visiting one or more of the dogwood trails. Events are happening the entire month of April! Click the photo below to visit the Knoxville Dogwood Trail website for all the details. 
Traveling with Pets
 12/21/2015 - There are so many things to consider when relocating. Starting at new schools, banks, utility companies, and jobs are just a few of the many things about to change all at the same time. 

So the thought of pet care can become low on the priority list. Once in the new town, how does one go about finding a new groomer? How does one find a new veterinarian? For pet maintenance made easy, we’ve asked Haley Coomes to share her knowledge. She has been a pet-groomer over ten years, and has worked at large pet-supply stores, as well as veterinary offices. 

What paperwork should a pet owner take with them when relocating? 
Ask for shot records from the last two years and keep the copy with you. Almost every groomer and vet’s office will require these documents during your pet’s first visit. 

Also ask your groomer to write a brief description of the haircut you like for each pet. Ask them to including clipper length (so your pet isn’t cut too short by the next groomer!) and style of haircut. 

There are three types of haircuts for standard pet-grooming: 

-All over haircut – this means the hair on the body, legs, and rear-end are the same length. 
-Breed-Specific clip (like a Cocker Spaniel or Schnauzer) – these vary by breed. Note: While there is a "standard” for some breed-specific clips, a groomer may have slight variations from the standard. Even if you know your dog gets a "Schnauzer cut,” it’s good to ask them to write any specifics regarding the haircut.  
-Hand-Scissor (mostly for Poodles, Bichons, and dogs with curly/fluffy hair) – this means that no clippers are used on the body and legs, it is all done by hand. 

In addition, have your groomer make any behavioral notes. Is your dog nervous when the groomer trims hair around the eyes or is he/she sensitive about the dryer? Ask your groomer to note it. Any details like this will help to easily establish a trust relationship with the new groomer. 

What suggestions do you have about keeping your pet cleaned while traveling? 
Being on the road for days can be exhausting. However, it is important to make sure that you brush your pet once a day to maintain a healthy skin and coat. If you have a dog with long or fluffy hair, make sure to pay extra attention to the legs, rear-end and belly. Especially when they are traveling in a crate or curled up in the back-seat, their hair may get extra tangled in these areas. 

How often should a dog get a bathroom break while traveling? 
This will depend on the age of the dog, their regular habits, and how much they sleep in the car. My dogs are adults and sleep in their crates while traveling, so every few hours is just fine. When traveling with dogs that are puppies or are unused to going several hours without "potty time,” I would say every two hours. 

What is the best way to travel with cats? 
Talk with you veterinarian to determine if they think sedation is right for your cat. Use a travel kennel. When I moved cross-country, here is what I did. Take a simple and small litter tray in the car. Keep a plastic bag with ties and put the tray with clean litter inside the bag. Once it’s tied-off keep it on a flat surface (the backseat floorboard work best). Once you make a stop for gas, take the litter box out of the bag and leave it on the floor. Also, leave a bowl of water. The cat most likely will not use the box or drink much, but it’s important to give them that opportunity. Make sure they see the box and the bowl of water and leave them in the car while you step outside to fill the tank or grab some snacks. If they use the box, that’s great! Keep a small scooper with you, scoop any "potty’s” into the trashcan at your stop, and then put the box and scoop back into the plastic trash bag. Now you have a clean litter box for the next stop. 

Do you have a recommendation to finding a groomer in a new town? 
Ask co-workers, neighbors, or friends in the area what veterinary office they use. When staying in a corporate apartment, ask the leasing agents or office staff if they have a location close by. Call that vet and get grooming prices, or ask if they recommend a grooming facility. You can also research online, but the best way to get a good sense of the quality is to pick up the phone and call. Ask to speak with a groomer and tell them the type of pet and what type of haircut they get. A good groomer might be quick, but they will listen to your needs and be professional with answering your questions. 

On your first appointment, take the groomer’s haircut description with you. A good groomer should take plenty of time with you as you provide the details about your pet and what you require. They should put their hands on the dog and ask several questions to determine exactly what you want.
11/25/2015 - With the air turning chilly, and leaves nearly all  gone, we are reminded that winter is just around the corner. Winter brings ear muffs and gloves, spiced tea and hot cocoa. But that also means lots of celebrations, including Thanksgiving!

Here at Corporate Quarters, Thanksgiving is a time for us to remember how blessed we are to have customers like you. We have truly enjoyed serving you as your East Tennessee housing provider. 

We wish you all the best this Thanksgiving, and hope that you have a wonderful holiday full of love and blessings.
While you're here, check out some helpful tips below. When dealing with cold temperatures, a freezing pipe can be a terrible inconvenience. Read below or click to visit the Red Cross website for more information! 

Thermostat: If you are traveling this holiday season,
make sure to leave your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees. 
Outdoor Hoses: Drain and store your garden hoses used outdoors. 
Make sure to disconnect them from the spigot.  

In very cold temperatures, let kitchen and bath faucets drip slowly.
This will help keep the pipes from freezing. 

Open Cabinets under Sinks: In freezing temperatures, open
cabinet doors under sinks to let warm air inside. 

Pack Like a Pro!
10/16/2015 - We all know how stressful moving and packing the house can be. By the tenth time you've run to Wal-Mart for more packing tape and newspapers, you're exhausted. Your friends no longer take your calls, as they know you are calling for help.  

Regardless of the distance traveled, relocating is always a hectic time. But often the most stressful part comes in the form of packing and organizing. For some amazing tips on packing and moving, we've turned to a specialist. Elijah Seiple is a Crew Leader for Gentle Moving Company, based in Maryville, TN. He's been in the moving business over nine years, and agreed to share his wisdom. 
Do you have strategy you recommend to clients when they start packing?  
It depends on the house, however, generally begin with the bedrooms and move inwards to the center of the house.
What is the best packing material to use?  
It is best to use packing paper for dishes and small breakables, wrapping them loosely to add cushion. For larger items such as expensive furniture and awkward statues, stretch wrap film works well. For large pictures bubble wrapping or putting them in boxes works well.
How should a client prepare the house for moving day? 
The best thing one can do is put all possible small items in boxes, leaving only the furniture and boxes left for movers. Big things and boxes go relatively quick for movers. Regarding preparing furniture, have all beds broken down, mirrors off dressers, washer and dryer unplugged, and prepare other items which need disassembly in order to move. Clothes and items not at risk of breaking may stay in furniture for the move. Only furniture which are extremely fragile and customers are concerned of scratching need to be wrapped with stretch wrap film, for once in the truck they will be wrapped in thick quilted furniture pads.  
What information should a client have when calling for a quote? 
One should have a general knowledge of what is in each room which needs to be transported. Any addresses which items will be picked up or taken to will need to be known. Any difficulties such as long or steep driveways, gate codes, or means of security should be communicated to the movers. 
What questions should a client ask when speaking with a moving company? 
One should ask about experience, history of service, trustworthiness of crew, rates, and insurance policy. 
 What should a client expect on moving day? 
One should expect professional service, yet be prepared for any difficulties such as traffic, poor weather conditions, or other unplanned occurrences. Moving is a stressful time for many people, rest and preparing oneself mentally is important. 
When should a client expect to pay the moving company? 
This varies depending on the company. Gentle Moving Company requires cash or cashiers check upon completion of the move. 
When moving items into the new house, do you have any recommendations about how to reload the house?
Ice Bucket Challenge - it's Cold here at Corporate Quarters!

Sept. 2, 2015 - Corporate Quarters was founded in 1994 by Sherry Williams. Over the years, Sherry has dedicated countless hours to making Corporate Quarters a great place to call home. In fall of 2014, Sherry was diagnosed with ALS. Current CQ President Kim Taylor teamed up with the team to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge! Kim and other CQ employees will be participating in the Walk to Defeat ALS Knoxville on October 17th, 2015. The team name is Sherry's Angels. Enjoy the video below, and CLICK HERE to join the team or donate. We all love you Sherry! 

Curious to learn more about Corporate Quarters?
Join Janice in the video below to find out who Corporate Quarters is, and how we can assist you today!